Thursday Redemption 

Your brother never saw joy,

Sorrow was in his blood,

He could not control it,

He came to you for relief, you just made the pain worse.

Your sister was in need of protection,

She was helpless,

She was weak,

She had to propose a deal with death.

She sought to share her burden with you

Just for a night’s look out

You mocked her, proposed an inhumane ultimatum and sold her to a brothel.

Your mother was diagnosed with a brain tumor

Her love was not reciprocated 

Your family was torn apart

You cared less.

Your iron heart was that of stupidity

And then you heard your brother died

Self execution found a place in his heart

You gave him a befitting funeral… Ha! Oh yes a befitting incineration.

A wicked way to bid farewell.

But then, your mother had a Thursday redemption.

The tumor killed her before you could lay eyes on her.

A Thursday redemption?

Yes, yes… She described it as such

The day which gave her salvation

She was free from her mental slavery

She was given the opportunity to flee from the devil you had become

She was glad dying. For a second, her smile made death attractive to me.

She wished for you the samething

A Thursday redemption…

What will it be?



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