She was hurt,

She was aggressive,

Never to recognize her own beast.

The beast, her beast devoured her breath,

She was alive but was dead never to be human.

And there came a day,

A day she had this revolt of heart

Consequences affecting everything she laid eyes on.

She had taken a firm stand,

She promised there was going to be no peace.

And there came this beautiful child,

She had no merciful emotion.

Her revenge was way too pleasing,

It engulfed her, making her fierce even to the most devilish of  thoughts.

Her mission made her blind to the pieces that were missing during a lifetime.

And there came this beautiful child again with a good man, 

The beast had no trouble convincing her

She had exchanged a longing for peace for tragedy and blood,

A victim in deep caves of perpetual darkness.

There was no turning back to the slightest touch of light,

The beast, her beast, the darkness of a wounded woman had to end.

Innocent souls never to be gained again.

She knew this dark journey would be over soon, but when? She grew selfish of more innocence until she crossed the line.

Death had seen enough of it.

But just before death summoned her to the courts of lost souls, she left this behind,

“One’s destiny is only corrupted by deep trust”



9 thoughts on “Martha

  1. Thanks for the follow. This woman is beautiful. So are your words. I wonder what she looks like in full color. I ponder if she might love or loathe me should our eyes ever meet offline or perhaps more painfully would she be ambivalent and completely dismissive of my existence. please let me know if you want me to blog about anything specific 😂 Jah bless love Daniel 🌷

    Liked by 1 person

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