The Lamentations Of The Seventh Owl.

Night drew nearer to the grave.

Day never saw the light.

The waters were still, the wind could not speak anymore.

Chaos ruled but was dominated.

This place had no begining to end its reign.

And there he was trapped and imprisoned by your thoughts.

He never heard you call, he never felt your anxiety, he only breathed hope when you sleep thinking you would never send him deeper to that place.

He cried out for six days with no good heart to comfort him. 

And then he decided to pour out the melody he had left and he found me.

I saw him dying, giving up, hopeless, tired because you won’t let him in. 

He tries to give signals and manages to breakthrough but he gets trapped again.

I feel his heartbeat every hour, it is a pathetic feeling.

He kept on asking questions which I had no answers to. I was lost in his presence.

He always feared battles he was never going to loose and horrible images of your future he was never going to witness.

 The words are fading away…

Listen my child!

Listen our joy! Listen our hope!

Take heed of my warning and my cry and set your soul free.

Free your different person, free your confidence, free your strength, free your liveliness, free your selflessness.

I may be with him but not forever.

There is an evil fast approaching, ready to fill that void which will breed nothing but constant havoc.

I am scared of what may be set free from this place but I am not scared of the phenomenal power of two.

Until then, he shall sing you a dirge once more. Rest and set him free.




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