Thoughts To Eli II

Thoughts To Eli II

Place me gently on a slippery wall
I will definitely tremble for a great fall
But when you hold me endlessly,
The wall will mumble melodiously
For a definition of a foe
Is far from its handicap



by: ewoenam

Thoughts To Eli

Thoughts To Eli 

When there is love you give some
When there is hate you remove some

When the seemingly perpetual rains ruled
Your crops never remembered their harsh odyssey
And how helpless of a seed they grew out from
But when the droughts settle in after a long voyage
They will rest for a century
For now your crops will desire to turn their owl-like faces to you
Like a hungry child to its mother

But shame never slumbers
Regrets do the worse
Self execution will share a manifesto of hope
But do not be hesitant to provide a lifeline
Full of a smile, devoid of brutal judgement
For when the rains find their feet again,
Grateful eyes will watch while you sleep like watchmen guarding in the dark

When there is love you give some
When there is hate you remove some




by: ewoenam

She Mourns And Murders

A simple act of evil.

A simple act of betrayal.

No second thoughts of remorse,

It weakened the darkest of hearts.

A young girl cried for her demons,

She will have them for many years.

She will tell of many tears,

Caused by her revengeful eyes.

And she will want more to destroy,

She will grow fonder of the smell of blood,

And mourns her brother to make her thrilled.

So she lies helplessly in a trap,

Ready to tear and place you in a wrap.

So in these days,

Hold on to each other tight,

Don’t let go until the time is right.

Because the girl who mourns and murders,

Longs for her brother’s resurrection.

Lesson 39

There was a ghastly wind on the other side,

Rocks broken with not much to decide.

The sun frowned and cursed a chaotic sight,

Boiling up the river with all its might.

The trees were bewildered so they knelt to pray,

For all the leaves that went astray.

The rains choked the soil,

So it retched the creatures with a toil.

The mountains came down to make a way,

The valleys decided to stay,

The beasts desired to lay,

But a darkness longed for a stay.

How could the sky be clear in such a time,

Its eyes were filled with deceit and crime.

A world no one comprehends at best,

Is always at its worst.

A place where we are dismayed by misfortune but dare,

Death to bring its fortune so we bear.

As nature reflects our ills,

 We are aware of our debts and bills,

Which burdens us so there are no thrills,

No way to hide so we keep running on treadmills,

Waiting to be blown away by the large windmills,

Until it is over, until it kills.

But where can we find a life,

With no strife,

With no massacres with a knife.

Will we keep toeing  that crooked line?

Let us ponder as we sleep and dine,

I leave you with your lesson thirty-nine,

Hold on to it as life draws nigh.

The White Crow

My time is up,

Our times are apart.

My life is down,

Our lives are distant.

My heart moans,

Your eyes shout.

The wounds from everyday,

Are still licked by the hyenas.

I saw vultures in my dream,

They ate from golden plates.

Birds were voiceless.

Dogs were clueless.

Ants showed laziness.

So the white crow told me,

Forget this.

Fix that.

Love those.

Until all is forgiven,

Until all is forgiven,

I will be black no more.

Grey Hearts

And after we have lived life to our satisfaction,

Good and bad decisions can’t be rescinded.

Those good days we trampled upon will not return to us.

Those who loved you will be put to a test of remembrance.

Youthful insanity we will look back and laugh at.

Those years which felt good will be no more.

Everyone will be scattered,

Tears existing at the sight of reminiscing.

I have not seen that day yet,

But I hear it is the most beautiful, saddest and quite of all.

So in these present days, let us be human.

Let us not have grey hearts,

Let us not be moved by evil legitimacy,

In this way, we can break through the dark tactical supremacy.

Is it peace we long for?

Let our thoughts express it.


A Day Or Two

When she was made to lay low,

Her bastards had to sow.

When he made timeless shelter with bamboo,

His generation was cursed with voodoo.

When all was in despair,

The feeble were made to repair. 

Gloom was casted on the flowers by the naysayers,

But bloomed with the thoughts of the hopeful players.

The restive hen left the rest to pursue the lost chick,

But a happy home did not make her ménage tick.

These are a few rots,

From the judgement pots.

A reality in our lands,

With no firm stands.

Keepers of treachery we may be,

But that was not how we were meant to be.

Why be cheerful in a mess?

When we can make it less.

Why be very mean?

When we can be pillars for others to lean.

There was a time we used to be free,

Singing and wishing under the oak tree.

The birds flew over our heads,

With no guns under our beds.

A time of rest.

A sight at best.

So where was the peaceful wind heading to?

Where was the time we smiled for a day or two?


The Blind Harlot

Cold or warm, she was unimaginative of what she could be

A little pity would have been her redemption

The cracks, the stench, the horror awaited

She was sold for a pair of shoes.

The darkness in her eyes was brighter than where she laid

A corrupt haven for innocent birds

Where they sang risquè melodies

For immoral gentlemen to forget their wives.

Her sharp sense of touch attracted keepers

The blemish in her eyes was no hurdle

She was favoured by her mistress

Loathed by the envious cohorts.

For those who were her own, gave her out

Those who hated, were disturbed by her light

Those who admired, emptied their pockets

And those who never met her, challenged her existence.

The blind harlot is a myth they say

No woman of good virtue wears an unclean linen 

They leave it to the preacher woman in the streets to judge

She comes by every fortnight.


Picture by Nick Berardi Photography.

Rowyda’s hiccup

She kept a close eye on the target

Every second had a unique thought

A grand plan to possess pleasure

But she made stilted conversation with her foe

Her alertness to a diversion 

But before, a realization of being a better person felt real on the outside,

Lots of truth in the atmosphere

Eyes sparkling and innocent

Smiles that make a wonder

No thought of rejection

Everything was splendid

Everything was magical.

But soon her sin prevails again

It clouds her thoughts even more

An addiction that sends her away to those lands

A journey away from a  responsible personality

She calls it Rowyda’s hiccup, a familiarity to the drunkards 

Her philosophical mindset always kept her glued to the booze

A constant experience makes regrets a thing of the past

She takes this personality lightly

One that is weak and has no influence

That which seeks the satisfaction of her mistress is now being worshipped 

 A cruelty lurks, a menace is born.

She drifts away…


Picture from

He Only Smiled

​Have it all!

Indecision and dilemma played at my mind.

I wondered what seemed important

Pondering with a stern face

I sat and asserted 

 I have enough

Yet i don’t have enough 

I need more

More of the best and splendid 

This made a negative desire lurk within my thoughts

An uneasiness within my chest

I tried coughing it out

But it was unabated

Very keen on having it all was seeming like revenge

Making up for those lost years was the established goal

Is it worth it?

Is it the key to eternal peace?

I needed an answer instantly

It came in the weirdest form

A one I least expected

A little homeless boy

He looked scruffy but ebullient

Then he came right to me

As magnificent as never
He stood in my path

Arms stretched in faith 

Big brown eyes starring right into mine

Searching, Pleading, prodding 

Within, blinked a twinkle of hope 

sure to pull at the tightest of heartstrings 

Like as done before many a times 

Still confused and lost

I tossed a coin at him

Eager to go on raving and ranting inwardly

But on skinny but sturdy legs 

He still stood

Staring with something else in his eyes. 

Something i couldn’t read

Till it appeared

Bright and clear and  glittering it blinded 

My eyes absorbing 

Yet my mind contrasting. 

He smiled

But he smiled

With pangs of hunger gnawing at his stomach 

throat parched with thirst

He smiled!

With sunken eyes 

 torso riddled with ribs

He smiled!

With nothing to gain 

Nothing to have

Nothing to loose 

He smiled!

He lived in a shack amidst strife and crime

He smiled!

Confused, I stared

My reflection stared with me. 

And I saw

It stood out in the rich leagues, the beauty lanes and all that there is to vanity

But within me
on me

The frown survived 

The wrinkle of lines fed by the desire to have it all

The folds of skin had clouded my judgement 

I didn’t need anything else

I had it all

Greed and blind determination had darkened the way

I never needed anything else

The boy needed it all

Yet he smiled

I had it all

I never did.

~ewoenam, Nexis

Image by ngari,norway

via Flickr